Project Skills

  • Design
  • UX
  • Mobile App
  • Advertising

Murphy Drive Rewards App

Jumped in mid-project on Murphy USA’s Drive Rewards loyalty program to provide UX recommendations and design solutions. Worked closely with the client and development team to ensure the best experience for the customer. The main goal of the app was to drive more customers to the store. We achieved this by giving customers in-app deals and rewards that led them to take action in store to claim their item or discount. Also, to help drive customers to the stores, I was tasked to improve the Road to Murphy store locator experience. One of the main complaints from the users on the previous build of the store locator was the map view wasn't big enough and it was hard to filter stores by distance, gas price, preferred fuel type and amenities. We took their feedback and integrated these options and features.

Facebook Carousel Ad

One of Murphy USA's goal was to acquire new customers via Facebook for the Murphy Drive Rewards app. We created a Facebook carousel ad to help gain more customers. The strategy was to elude to the benefits of the app such as gas, deals and rewards. The first card of the carousel had to do most of the heavy-lifting to catch the users attention. We used a strong violator of "Up to $1 off per gallon & more!" to incentivize the users to join the program. From a design standpoint, we had to communicate many benefits all in first card while respecting Facebook's 20% rule.

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